I’m Happy! Finally it is done, my own sheds and garden houses coloring book for adults is published: The German title can be translated as: “My colorful garden shed for coloring”. I present that now to you.

Sheds and Garden Houses - The Coloring Book
Sheds and Garden Houses – The Coloring Book by Alexander Venn ISBN-13: 978-1798894545 (German Edition)

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The coloring book for sheds (facts)

Ausmalseiten von Gartehäusern im Malbuch für Erwachsene und Gartenhaus Planer
About 50 different Sheds and Gardenhouses on the Coloring Book

The book has a total of over 100 pages.

Mostly the backs are left blank, so that here no color pervades and may affect already painted works.

The free backs of the coloring book can be used very well to make your own small garden shed sketches or to write down notes.

On the coloring pages, there is the one time single large motifs for relaxed coloring. Sometimes with garden and landscape, sometimes it’s all about the garden house.

The other time, many small garden sheds are drawn, which can be painted in all sorts of colors and color combinations.

Watch the coloring book on Amazon

What else can you do with the garden house coloring and sketchbook?

You can cut out the garden houses painted by you as a whole sheet and fit into a frame or on a mood board.

Coloring Book Garden Houses with Washing Effect and Polychromos Pencils
Coloring Book: Garden Houses with Washing Effect and Polychromos Pencils

Or you just take the framed wooden houses and hang them up just like that.

There are also a few houses in it, which are fitted in small frames. So you can stick the painted motives on a postcard and send it to family members and friends. Maybe a short fixation would not be bad, so that the artwork does not blur when it rains. The fixative is also available as a spray bottle to buy. This is easiest.

Make fantastic “old drawings” shabby chic pictures.

Sheds out of the coloring book made in an old look with coffee oder tea
Sheds out of the coloring book made in an “old look” with coffee oder tea

How to make the pictures looking old:

  1. Cut out the pages with your favorite shed drawing
  2. Put tea or coffee on the page
  3. Put the page on your oven (be allwasy near by, becaus of fire danger)
  4. Color the dry pages – ready

The ideal garden house planner

A sketchbook, color selection book for those who are planning the construction, buying or repainting of a garden shed.

The garden house coloring book was created when I built a website with the theme of how and which garden house to buy.

Own Coloring Palette in the Coloring Book
Own Coloring Palette in the Coloring Book

During the research, I found that in addition to the use, shape and price, the colorful painting and the exact color design is an important issue.

In addition to the many suggestions about the shape of the garden house, the garden house planner can be fully creative in terms of color choice.

Sometimes it makes sense to only 3 garden houses, wooden huts, garden wellness oases in similar, but not exactly the same color concepts.

The other time, it makes sense to paint the many small garden sheds in very different colorful shades, so you come in the juxtaposition on the appropriate color design.

The garden house coloring book stimulates creativity, because you can just try it out.

No one has 200 sketches of garden sheds lying around at home.

One does not want to make one’s own, with much effort accurately drawn construction draft by the possibly wrong colors unusable.

So one is inhibited in the joy of color experimentation.

Sheds in many different motifs to be colored in many ways
Sheds in many different motifs to be colored in many ways. A simple way to be creative.

Exactly this creative barrier eliminates the garden house coloring book.

Here you have already outlined all sorts of garden sheds, individually or as a garden house village, to give free rein to the creative color design.

Simply be creative, without much around. The coloring book is not heavy and it can be taken anywhere. Take the crayons that you can handle best.

Have fun coloring the garden sheds!

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